Friday, August 19, 2005

Enter the den of the fashionable Kiffen...

I am the quintessential kiffen. I love the elegance of vintage Chanel and Dior's New Look, but I'm also into the slinky-ness of Dolce and Gabanna, the outrageous-ness of Versace, and Alexander McQueen's avant garde looks. Although my favorite designers and runway looks may be over the map, my personal style is much more consistent - I would say it is elegant with a bit of fifties glamour girl, eighties Madonna, and Victorian gothic thrown in. Now that I think about it, my look is pretty eclectic too. But isn't the ability to experiment and change your image everyday the main reason why fashion is so fun?

I'm going to use this blog to record and review my favorite collections, from Helmut Lang to H&M. After all, true style comes from mixing high and low with ease, like mixing Jimmy Choos with a top from Target. I'm also going to write about some of my favorite new pieces, the basic elements that everyone should have in their wardrobe, and my shopping quests to find that perfect item, whether it is a classic black leather boot to a fun flowy skirt. Finally, once a week there will be a "What would the Kiffen do?" feature, where I will answer fashion and style questions.

May your weekend be filled with fun and unbelievable bargains!

Here I am:

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