Monday, October 13, 2008

Fashionable Kiffen Closed Till Further Notice

The Fashionable Kiffen is taking a style sabbatical until further notice.

If you want to know what I'm up to, check out my personal blog.

To all my fellow fashion bloggers, it has been educational, interesting, and most importantly, fun. Thanks.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fall Trends from the Fashionable Kiffen on SCS

I know I've been absent from this blog lately, but if you need a fashionable kiffen fix, check out my latest article on Second City Style:

Fall Trends From the Runway to the Real Way.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Product Review: HairPlay Salon Haircare

*First off, I know it has been a while, but work and other-non-fashion blogging related duties call - I'll be back to more regular posts soon!

Anyway, back to the useful information, like how to keep your hair looking amazing despite humidity so thick you could probably bottle and drink the air. I recently got the chance to try HairPlay Salon's new eco-friendly styling products, SET and SEAL. The first is a setting lotion that you use before blow-drying, and the second is a shine serum that you use on dry hair.

Now, you should be aware that I have the kind of hair that gets huge and frizzy when it is humid, so keeping it under control is not always easy. Therefore, I was amazed that I experienced a mininum of unruliness when using both SET and SEAL - the setting lotion is particularly amazing for providing hold and a little flattering volume without stickiness. My hair even looks pretty decent the next morning now, which is impressive.

Pick some up yourself at (and I'm not just recommending cause I got to try free samples - this is something I'd actually pay for. These are also the kind of products where a little goes a long way, so a bottle will last you a while).

Go forth and be fabulous!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Awesome Things That Are Red: Viva La Furia Roja

In honor of the Spanish national team's - La Furia Roja - recent win at the Euros (the major soccer tournament, or futbol for my non-American readers), here are some other fantastic things that are red:

This adorable pair of Chie Mahara shoes, available at Piperlime:

This versatile and sexy American Apparel halter dress:

And Nars lipstick in appropriately named Flamenco:

Viva La Furia Roja!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Splendid Reads

From the Splendicity community, comes this week's best in Beauty, Fashion and Shopping.

The Fragrance Fanatic tells you some great ways to Wear Your Fragrance.

Aging Fabulous introduces us to Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Body Serum.

Beauty Banter asks celebrity makeup artists how to do a white eyelid right... must-have application tips and products for a fierce, summer white eye!

A Touch of Blusher looks at Dior's fall 2008 makeup collection.

The Scented Life is excited to hear that Justin Timberlake will be the face of Givenchy's new cologne, Play.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic finally finds a great concealer that will cover up her undereye area all day! It's Tarte's The Eraser!

Beautiful Makeup Search picks out some products from the Shu Uemura 25th Boutique Birthday collection.

Steeping Beauty Gets Smart with Peter Thomas Roth's Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder!

Wardrobe Oxygen offers some suggestions to give a modern and youthful look to your makeup routine.

The Well-Heeled Society shows you a worthwhile shoe investment, available in a spectrum of colors from Ralph Lauren.

She Knows Best is glad to report that David Arquette has redeemed himself.

Style Tots is giving away a Tutu from Prissy Poofs.

Snarkstress marvels that the potentially future First Lady, Michelle Obama, is an off-the-rack shopper - and is creating quite a frenzy in the process.

The Fashionable Kiffen asks "Denim or Not?"

Style It Less offers up an Under $100 Look with a belted tunic, jeans and a Christian Louboutin Pumps replica.

Teen Style Lounge invites you to get your cute on with this summery (and cheap!) sundress and accessories outfit from Forever 21.

Have a splendid weekend!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Practically Posh is Fabulously Practical

I just got the chance to review Practically Posh: The Smart Girl's Guide To A Glam Life by Robin Moreno and it was really a fun little book, and the photographs/overall design were adorable.

While none of the tips are incredibly groundbreaking, it is a fun summer read (it would be great for a plane ride), and you'll probably pick up some great party/entertaining tips - that was definitely my favorite section. And I've got to like someone who understands the pure happiness in a pitcher that is properly made sangria.

Order it from Amazon here.

Robin also a fun blog,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Win A Shopping Spree

Hey Fashionable Kiffen readers - check out the Great Shoe Find widget in my sidebar and play the game - you could win a $250 shopping spree!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Denim or Not?

In my experience, you are either a denim person or not. Either you can't live without your jeans, or you can take them or leave them, if you even own a pair. I fall into the second category.

Therefore I don't quite get the whole designer denim thing, or even the need to own more than a couple pairs of jeans (I have probably six pairs, maybe three that I wear on a regular basis. All are at least one year old). Despite the fact that I own a ridiculous amount of shoes, lots of little dresses, a pile of scarves and a big tangle of jewelry, I could care less about jeans. And yes, I have the kind of job where I can generally wear jeans to work.

So therefore, denim aficionados - please explain it to me. What is the draw? Is it the feeling of wearing the perfect flattering pair of jeans? Are they just that comfortable? Am I just trying on the wrong brands? Seriously, I don't quite get it.

Your input is highly appreciated.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day! This Weekend's Splendid Reads

From the Splendicity community, comes this week's splendid best!


The Latest Luxe is celebrating life on easy street with this Dolce and Gabbana tote.

Style It Less copied Reese Witherspoon's blouse and skirt look for less with a minor change in the shoes department.

Style Tots was inspired by Kaiya Eve Rosette Tank & Petticoat Skirt to have a cotton candy birthday party theme.

Teen Style Lounge has found the one must-have item for summer you've probably never even thought about.


The Well-Heeled Society asks you to answer the riddle Diamond Studded $10K Jeans by Key Closet

Snarkstress takes a look at the goings-on of Jessica Simpson, whooping it up in NYC.

The Fashionable Kiffen lists her favorite summer beauty tips and products


A Touch of Blusher adores this face wash!

Beauty Banter reviews the very wearable and gorgeous summer 2008 collection from Clinique... Back to Basics, Baby, and we're loving it!

Steeping Beauty reports on Lavilin's Bacteria Fighting Deodorant! Come back Wednesday for your chance to win!

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic has great Anti-Aging Tips from Dr. Patricia Wexler!

Beautiful Makeup Search asked some beauty blogger friends' what their three must-have Summer products are - check out their suggestions!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Beauty Tips From The Fashionable Kiffen

Now that summer is in full swing and it is seriously hot and humid here in Chicago (and most other places), it is time to adapt your beauty routine to the weather, if you haven't already. So without further ado, here are my favorite summer beauty tips:

1. Your hair will not want to be straight or sleek in the humidity. Pick up a good styling cream or curling gel and go with it. Headbands are your friend, and fortunately there have been a lot of cute ones around lately.

2. Like your hair, your eye makeup will also not want to be perfectly defined. Smudgy cream shadows and smoky eyes are good; as is just throwing on some waterproof mascara and calling it a day (especially if you are at the beach/pool). I've mentioned it on this blog before, but Maybelline Sky High Curves is the most amazing mascara I've ever used - I actually prefer it to Diorshow and Mac's Fiberlash and other high end brands. I also like to do a bright eyeliner, like the turquoise shade from Dior's Diormania eyeshadow palette.

3. A sheer but bright lip gloss looks amazing, especially something that leaves a sheer stain like a popsicle. Nars Lip Lacquer in Hot Wired is my personal favorite for this look - it is a shocking fuschia shade that is perfect with a real or faux tan. Corals and cherry-red shades are excellent choices as well.

4, This one is a necessity - nice smooth, moisturized limbs, whether you decide to rock the pale look or go bronze. Hell, if you don't like to shave your legs keep your skin in good condition, it makes a huge difference. In fact, if you are like me and tend to shave last minute (sometimes using hair conditioner or lotion because you forgot to buy more shave gel), try the Schick Quattro razor. The good people at Schick were nice enough to send me one to try and it is fabulous - perfectly smooth skin and no nicks even if you are clumsy and/or trying to shave about ten minutes before you have to be out the door.

5. Cooling down - keep your body lotion in the fridge to cool yourself down after a long hot day. Simple but effective.

6. Pedicures! For the love of the fashion gods, if you are going to wear sandals prep your feet first. You don't have to go to a salon (I never do), but pumice your feet and paint your toes before you wear those fantastic new sandals, otherwise you are killing the whole effect. Yes, it seems painfully obvious, but I see enough "hooves" out there parading around in what would be pretty sandals to know otherwise.

What are your favorite summer beauty tips?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Thoughts on SATC: The Movie, this Time on SCS

More of my thoughts on the Sex and the City movie, this time at Second City Style:

"Women dress for other women.” It is a phrase we’ve all heard time and time again, and nowhere was this axiom proven more accurate than at any movie theater in America last weekend"...

Read more here.

And with that, Sex and the City is being retired from this blog forever, and possibly from my brain as well.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Splendicity Weekend Reads


Teri from Aging Fabulous has been testing the Lancome Absolue Premium bx Cloth Masks and the results are in.

Viva Woman takes a look at sunscreen ingredient Helioplex from Neutrogena and compares its Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch with La Roche-Posay Anthelios containing Mexoryl.

Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog shows you how to get a silver and pink eye look with eyeshadows from MAC Cosmetics.

Beauty and Fashion Tech tries the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Foundation, Concealer, and Powder and loves them!

Beauty Secrets Revealed is Giving Away Bramble Berry's DIY Eyeshadow Kit Worth $45

A Touch of Blusher's guest reviewer reports on the new Thierry Mugler makeup line .

Youthful skin is IN! Beauty Banter dishes on Jurlique's new anti-aging collection! After all, who doesn't want to look younger?!

Raging Rouge gets lipstick tips and tricks from the Lipstick Queen herself, Poppy King! You won't want to miss her advice, or information about her new book!

Krizia from Beauty Match Network highlights her Interview with LancĂ´me’s makeup artist and Beauty at Every Age Expert

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic continues to add to her summer bright nail polish options with Essie's Summer Neons!

Steeping Beauty rediscovers the Lindsay Lohan is finally going to launch her own perfume!


Style...a work in progress's husband has found his summer muse...but can they find the right pants? Find out why she says No white after Labor Day (and not much before either).

Snarkstress doesn't recommend taking Office Wear style cues from the ever-so-classy Amy Winehouse, but notes there are moments when the fashion forces of Kat Von D may take over - right, Charlize?

Petite Fashionista is all shiny and new and invites you to check out all the new features, plus to celebrate there will be lots of contests]]">contests in the next few weeks!

The Space Between My Peers describes three color combining techniques for blondes who want to wear black.


Over at NY Spender, Bullitt the cat points you to some great online deals. This week he has found some cool bermuda shorts!

Shopalicious has found a place to score cute summer dresses for under $50!

Her Accessories is loving the vintage style of these metal and enamel pendants from designer Peggy Li.

Indie Style File is is looking for a brave soul to try these Hammertime Pants

ShopDiary has invites to The Top Secret, a private online sample sale site.

eye4style tells lucky readers how to get their hands on an iconic piece of Sex and the City movie memorabilia.

STYLEnosh asks readers to weigh in with their opinion on Wear or Return these heels?

Style It Less took time to find 5 Under $50 Father's Day gifts to show Fathers how we appreciate and love them this Father's Day

The Latest Luxe is playing Lady in Red with the Donna Karan Crossover Gown.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fashion in the City: A Few Observations

Like most women in my general demographic, I saw the Sex and the City movie this weekend. Now, I was never a major fan of the show - I liked it well enough, but it wasn't appointment TV for me or anything. I've always thought of it as the television equivalent of junk food: unrealistic, a little fluffy and overprocessed, but sometimes it just hits the spot.

The characters' clothes, however, those I could always appreciate, and the movie did very well in that regard, at least with the four main characters. Carrie's outfits were appealingly eccentric, Charlotte was all luxe-preppy and perfectly put together, Samantha was over-the-top and deliciously inappropriate, and they even let Miranda be pretty for once!

However, the side characters were kind of weak in the sartorial arena - perhaps Pat Field blew her load on the four girls? Jennifer Hudson should have had a much more interesting wardrobe, and the guys...well, they were just backup players for the women (that does make sense in the context of the show, but that doesn't mean their wardrobe had to be so bland).

Finally, I left the movie wishing that it was wear giant feathered hats/headpieces. Although if wearing feathers was normal, I probably wouldn't think they were so awesome.

Check back later for a more detailed write-up of my opinions on the fashion in the movie.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ode To Marshall's

My shopping philosophy tends to be along the lines of "never pay full price if you can help it"; therefore, stores like TJ Maxx, Filene's Basement, and yes, Marshall's tend to be regular haunts. So when Marshall's invited me to come in and "check out their shoes" - their new shoe Megashop, I was understandably thrilled. Good deals plus awesome shoes? I'm there! It sounds like a major cliche (fashion writer loves gorgeous yet impractical high heels? Gee, no one has written about that before), but the heart, it wants what it wants.

So last week I took my stylish self down to Marshall's (for the Chicagoans playing along, the one on Ontario right off Michigan Avenue) for some shoe shopping, despite the fact that I am possibly the last person on earth who needs another pair of shoes. Anything for the store that stocked my wardrobe with many great pieces at equally great prices over the years, right? Now, Marshall's Shoe Megashop is billed as 5000 feet of fantastic shoes, and at my local Marshall's there has to be at least this much space devoted to footwear.

Now, time and time again I've seen current pieces from brands like Nine West, Guess, Bandolino, Steve Madden, Enzo Anglioni, and other labels around that price point at Marshalls - I mean the very same shoes that are currently at full price in department stores; or if they are on sale in those stores, Marshall's still offers a better deal. On this particular trip, I also noticed a few brands I hadn't seen before - Giuseppe Zannotti (including a great pair of embellished sandals), Stuart Weitzman (a steal at around $120-150 per pair), and Calvin Klein.

My favorites? I'm a fan of Guess's stripper-chic heels, particularly when worn with a more modest outfit. There were also lots of gorgeous embellished flats that made me wish I actually liked to wear flat shoes (I'm short and in denial, also, I'm so used to wearing heels that flats are kind of painful). There were also some luscious cobalt blue patent peep Mary Janes that were calling my name. It was kind of like being a sugar addict in a bakery - so many delicious things, so little time.

The point of this post? Well, thanks to Marshall's for inviting me (and providing me with a gift card - although I guarantee I would have spent money at Marshall's of my own accord, and I'll certainly be back - oh, who am I kidding, I've already been back), and to let my lovely readers know that if they need a cheap and dirty shoe fix, there is a store ready to fulfill their needs. Seriously, very few pairs were over $50, and most were around $20-40, so you won't be out too much cash.

Find a store near you at

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Splendid Reads

Happy Memorial Day (to my U.S. readers)! Here are your weekend splendid reads:


CelebLOOK is in love with Gwyneth Paltrow's shoes and finds a similar pair for us all.

Style It Less copied Gwyneth Paltrow's Yummy Mommy look for less than $105

The Well-Heeled Society is collaborating with Victoria's Secret to host a pink-infused, add feminine and romantic elements to a classic wardrobe.

eye4style can't wait for the new Sex and the City flick! These sooo hard to find cute navy shoes.


Aging Fabulous discovers Redpoint Beauty and shares her most wanted products from the line.

A Touch of Blusher gets the "false-eyelash treatment" from YSL.

eBeautyDaily is checking out Redpoint Advanced Color Cosmetics.

Beauty Banter reviews the skincare line that Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner, Kristin Davis, and Amanda Bynes use on their A-list faces!

makeup loves me wants to know what you thought of the makeup looks in the gossip girl season finale.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic gets a really close look at her skin, now and in the future!

TheScentedLife takes a retro trip to 1978 and rediscovers Estee Lauder White Linen.

Raging Rouge now understands why Americans and Canadians get along so famously... They share their beauty secrets, like AG Hair Cosmetics!


She Knows Best lists the fashion tips for Men 5'8 and Under from Alan Au.

Style Tots thinks Rachel Fox is a ray of sunshine in yellow.

The Latest Luxe is ready to turn up the heat and count down to summer in these Manolo Blahnik leopard sandals.

Snarkstress finds the fun in the wacky head-toppers worn last weekend at a Royal wedding. See if you get a laugh from them, too.

Teen Style Lounge has found the one watch you need this summer...on the cheap!

Let's Go Shopping is giving away 2 Sex And The City Bracelets Worth $274

The Fashionable Kiffen heralds the arrival of summer with tons of cute sandal picks.

What do Angelina, Gwen and Jessica love wearing during their pregnancies? Check out Hot Mama Daily to find out!