Wednesday, September 28, 2005

These boots are made for walkin'

Its officially fall, and that means it is time to think about your boot collection. Every girl should have a kickass pair of boots, and there are no shortage of offerings this fall. You could go with the classic black leather knee boots, or consider chocolate brown suede wedges for a interesting twist. Or, if you are tall and thin, try the new flat riding boots that were shown on the fall runways with slim skirts (the pair to the left is by Burberry).

Here's a great black leather pair from Moschino. They hit at the knee with a bit of ruching at the top, which adds something special; they also have a rounded toe with a shorter heel, which makes them relatively practical and easy to walk in. Before you buy a pair of boots, or any shoes for that matter, make you can walk easily and smoothly in them.

On the opposite end of the style spectrum this fall, we have cowboy boots and mukluks. Mukluks were popular last year, and they are back - make sure you wear them with a correctly proportioned outfit though (skinny jeans and a fitted blazer would work). Cowboy boots are a little easier to wear, and you can find them in every color and at every price this fall. Here's a pair I love, from Frye:

These would look fantastic with casual skirts and jeans, and they're a little more interesting than the standard plain boots or loafers. Picture how well they'd dress up blue jeans and a classic white button down. Add a leather or suede jacket, and you're set for fall.

Marc Jacobs has some absolutely amazing boots this year (and this is coming from someone who usually dislikes his stuff). They are definitely classics with a twist.

This chocolate suede pair has a very pretty round toe and high tapered heel, which makes your feet look more delicate, and the gold ribbon detail down the back is a unique touch that adds interest in a very unexpected place.

These sexy black ankle boots below and to the left, also by Marc Jacobs, would give even the most basic outfit a rock'n'roll feeling. Studded pieces are everywhere this year, and these would be a great to get in on the trend - and the subtle studs on black leather are still pretty classic.

The boots on the right are by Henry Beguelin. The combination of deep brown croc and tiny gold studs is uptown take on this fall's popular western look. Like the Marc Jacobs pair on the left, these would be fabulous with jeans.

If you are a little more adventurous, think about getting a colorful pair of boots. Emilio Pucci did some suede ones topped with his trademark colorful prints, and Prada did some beautiful colored croc flat boots. And you could always go with a pair of cowboy boots trimmed with a bright color - try camel with turquoise for an eye-popping western look.

Finally, because any post about shoes would be incomplete without something by Manolo, here is the Blahnik take on the cowgirl style:
A little bit sexier and slinkier than the average cowboy boot - its got a stilletto and hits just below the knee - a cowboy boot for the city girl.

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