Friday, January 20, 2006

Versace Revival

Versace's brand of bold, in-your-face glam is back in a big way - and not just on Donatella's catwalks, although she showed a fabulous, desert-inspired collection for the spring.

The bright and glossy look showed up at Fendi with patent and clear plastic waist-cinching belts worn over everything, and the candy-colored patent leather "B" bags. It appeared again at Armani with slinky jackets and dresses in acid-bright colors, and at Louis Vuitton, the look was classic Gianni by way of Marc Jacobs - girlish little dresses in bright vinyl and lots of gold bling. And of course, tons of fuschia, red, and other saturated shades.
Speaking of shades, huge glam sunglasses are also back, along with snakeskin, chain belts (shown by Alexander McQueen), and wiggle-tight pencil skirts. Satin blouses and cigarette pants complete the classic Versace look, along with tons of gold chains, of course. It's all a bit Eurotrash, but that's part of what makes the Versace look so chic.
Of course, Versace itself has never looked better. With a stunning collection done mainly in bronze and turquoise hues, Donatella returned from rehab with a bang. One of the dresses, a beaded halter style, was even chosen by Teri for the Golden Globes, and the latest ads have features star like Halle Berry, Madonna and Demi Moore.

So when you are choosing your spring wardrobe, don't forget the bold colors, the glitter, and the bling. If a red vinyl dress is little too much for you, try a gold chain belt over your favorite slinky dress, or wear a feminine satin blouse with narrow pants.

Or just get a pair of their huge, fabulous sunglasses, and wear them with everything for a little bit of Versace glamour.

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