Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fashionistas vs. Civilians

After reading a particular post from the Fashion Addict Diary, the Fashionable Kiffen is taking a break from the scheduled fashion week programming to discuss the difference between fashion industry people and "civilians". Now, avid fashionistas sometimes wear things that are viewed as slightly ridiculous by the rest of the population. Platform pumps, ultra wide belts, and bubble skirts are just a few of the current array of items that immediately signal the wearer as an avid follower of fashion.

Generally, the most avant garde pieces seem eccentric to all but the most fashion forward among us, so what's a girl to do? Tame your look to appeal to the masses? Move to NYC or Tokyo, where no one will bat an eye? Or just accept the confusion of the civilians as part and parcel of being the most fabulous one in the room?

First of all, wear what you love regardless of the opinions of others (the one exception to this rule is that your clothing must be appropriate for the weather and the task at hand - no fur coats in the summer or jeans at a black tie event). Remember that certain styles, like Alexander McQueen's infamous low-rise "bumster" pants, were viewed as weird and even scandalous originally, but then these styles are not only accepted, they become the norm.

So don't worry about standing out or even looking ridiculous. In fact, some of the best fashion is a bit crazy - think of Yohji Yakamoto, Vivienne Westwood, and John Galliano. All of their work is probably considered weird by the general public, but they've each had an incredible effect on the entire industry. So go ahead, wear that ostrich feather boa as a scarf (hey, they did this at Tuleh), and have a fabulous day.

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The Kitten said...

And one thing to remember is not to be so caught up in proving yourself up to the moment or the only one to "get it" that you make an ass of yourself slavishly following any style that comes down the catwalk.

If you like it and it's YOU, wear it. That's style.