Saturday, February 04, 2006

NY Fashion Week...and it starts

Today marks the beginning of yet another fashion week in New York. The tents are up in Bryant Park, the champagne is flowing, and design teams are working madly to get ready for their shows. This year is different, however - it is the first time that fashion bloggers are there, writing about the shows in real time. Their words are online practically as soon the models walk down the runways.

Like many of my fellow State of the Fashion Union bloggers, I've written about how the internet is radically changing fashion, but this kind of live feedback from the shows is truly revolutionary. It's a really exciting time to be involved in fashion (or just a spectator - it definitely feels like a sport at times, but the subject of fashion as a competitive game is for another post) .

Kenneth Cole opened fashion week with a collection of simple, sleek suits and dresses in somber autumn colors. Standouts included a sweet little black suit, tailored trenchcoats, and plush velvet dresses with wide constrasting belts. The looks were typical Kenneth Cole: easy luxury with sharp tailoring.
Also today was the Red Dress Collection - a group of designers showed red dresses (I know, I know) worn mainly by celebrities, and the proceeds would go to research on heart disease in women. Combining fashion with a good cause is always a nice idea, and although this show wasn't groundbreaking, it was fun and lighthearted.

These were not the only shows of the day (far from it), so check out the rest of the State of the Fashion Union for more.

More tomorrow on the shows and the ever-strengthening union between Hollywood and Fashion.

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