Sunday, June 25, 2006

H&M Fall Preview

One of my favorite sources of cheap chic, H&M, has released some images of their upcoming fall line. It's a little more "high fashion" than most mall stores, which I actually think is a good thing. The only problem is that if you live in a city with an H&M, you're likely to see some of the pieces coming and going. That may not stop me from coveting the leopard coat, however - I'm a sucker for anything feline. I'm liking all the wide-leg, slouchy pants too, as well as all the opaque tights (a pair of dark opaques is the single most important accessory you can buy for fall). And the gray cape has definitely inspired me to pull out my own vintage version.

Not all the pieces are so easy to wear, though. This jumpsuit is kind of interesting, and the leather (pleather?) pencil skirt is stylish but very unforgiving. And I'm not really what I think about the granny-chic cat cardigan - as much I like cats, this kind of thing really should be reserved for those under 6 or over 60.


Fashion Kitty said...

I am loving it :)

Reggles said...

H&M IS amazing. I went there when I went to NY, unfortunately we don't have that store here in Puerto Rico, but you know, that just might be a good thing. WHen American Eagle got here, everyone started wearing AE and now it's like everyone is the same. Not good.