Friday, November 10, 2006

Viktor and Rolf at H&M

As I'm sure virtually everyone who's the least bit interested in fashion knows, the Viktor and Rolf collection for H&M debuted yesterday. It appears to be a success, with most of the pieces selling out everywhere. My opinion, however? I'll give it about a six out of ten.

The reasons for my profoundly "meh" response to the collection are twofold: quality and cut. I'm aware that it is absolutely impossible for Viktor and Rolf to duplicate the exquisite workmanship of their ready to wear lines at H&M's pricepoint, but at around $100 USD for a dress I would hope for something that's little above H&M's normal quality level, considering H&M dresses are generally around $40-$60 USD. Some of the pieces were incredibly thin, flimsy, and ill-fitting. It's surprising, considering that I generally like the fit of H&M's regular lines - they are great for such an inexpensive store.

I was also not a fan of all the hearts on everything, but that's more of a personal style thing (I'm not really a hearts and bows kind of girl) than anything else. Here are some of the pieces that I did like - I even bought the full, pink skirt, and I plan to wear with a ruffly black chiffon blouse toughened up with black leather boots and a thick silver chain necklace.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I really wanted the pink skirt but I didn't want to deal with all the craziness in the morning. By 4:30 when I got down there, all the good stuff was gone. I liked the sweaterdress, and thought it was a bit higher in quality than most H&M knit items, but it still didn't justify a $99 price tag.

Anonymous said...

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