Friday, March 23, 2007

A Quickie for Chicago Girls

No, not that kind of quickie!

Brilli Salon has created a menu of time efficient beauty services for busy girls who can't spend all day at the spa. You can get everything from a quickie facial to an updo for a big night out and still be out the door in under an hour - and they do a fabulous job.

They are also the only place in Chicago that offers South Seas Spray tanning system, so if you're not quite ready to bare those legs this spring, get rid of your winter pastiness with an amazingly natural faux-tan. Their esthetician Tiffany Markarian is a genius with it.

Brilli also offers a full menu of salon services for fashionistas who need more than just a quickie.


Style IT said...


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nidhi said...

This would really be a dream come true for me if i could avail these services. I don't get much time to groom myself properly. So all I do is the minimal of all i desire to revitalise my beauty.
Anyways nice blog.