Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"It's about finding what you love and making it happen"

I recently got a chance to talk to Eve Chrust, the designer behind the casually cool Eve*Lynn collection. Her relaxed dresses and tops are the perfect way to stay comfortable and chic this summer.

How did you get into fashion design? I got started by re-fashioning vintage tops while in college at George Washington University. Then it wasn’t so much about fashion as it was creating unique, individual pieces to wear. I wore them while bartending and the look really caught on, so I started doing selling pieces out of my dorm room and it all grew from there. After I graduated, I moved to New York and expanded the line, bringing in my partner Lallie Harling for the business side of the company.

What's an average day in your life like? With a small business no two days are the same. I do the design part and I’ve got two seamstresses, and Lauren is the production manager, but small companies are the same in any industry in that everyone does a little bit of everything. We just wake up and deal with the problems that arise that day.

What or who inspires you? Because of the way I was trained, which was kind of backwards – I started making things on my own and then took classes to communicate in order to be able to communicate my ideas. However, I was always very artistic minded and aware of how art translated to fashion. My moods, whims, feelings, the colors I see, and the seasons all influence my line.

Any trends/ideas/looks that you are currently obsessed with? We’re doing a lot of super-mini bubble dresses and lots of really soft, open draped backs. Tunic lengths that can be worn as either a dress or a top are also big right now.

What is your personal style like? I wear my own line of course! I’ve got a couple silk bubble dresses trimmed with vintage ribbon in bright purples and magentas, but I’m really a serious jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. A lot of my little tops are really comfy so I wear them most of the time.

What’s your favorite part of the job? Least favorite? The creative side - the actual designing and sketching and sourcing of all the fabrics and trims – is my favorite. And my least favorite is the sales end of things.

And a few random questions:

What are you into (besides the fashion)? Recently I’ve gotten really into cooking because it’s a stress free way to be creative outside of fashion. I also love snowboarding and yoga.

Do you have any pets (the fashionable kiffen is an animal lover)? Two adorable shih-tzus, one is just a puppy and the other is almost two.

What’s your favorite way to escape the fashion industry for a while? Definitely skiing and snowboarding out west.

You can check out her latest offerings and shop at

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