Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Pedicure Time!

Strappy sandals and open-toed espadrilles mean that you better have nicely groomed feet. I consider a well-chosen shade of nail polish an essential part of my pedicure routine, so at the beginning of every summer I head to Sally's and pick up a couple fun shades.

For years, my favorite polish shades were deep, dark reds and burgundies. If resembled the hue of red wine, it was on my toes. Occasionally I would flirt with a bold fuschia or coral, but I always returned to the dark side.

This summer, however, my old standbys just don't look appealing. Those vampy shades just aren't working with any of my shoes. So I tried a muted bronze shade that I normally reserve for my fingernails, and it looked simply perfect with my favorite peep-toe pumps. Neutral, clean, and elegant.

Silvery-white shades are perfect with a tan, and just as perfect with this season's candy-colored patent leather shoes. Coppers, golds, and even pewter could be fun options as well, depending on your skin tone. Metallic polishes are also a nice, subtle way to pick up on the current metallic trend.

So what are your favorite shades this summer?

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