Friday, June 01, 2007

"She Has Everything" at She Boutique

Last night I attended the opening of She Boutique on Armitage Avenue in Lincoln Park. She stands for "She Has Everything", but even the most discerning shopper (read: me) can find something to covet at SHE (

Some of the merchandise includes floaty little chiffon tops (including one in a delicious shade of sea-green) and slim, flattering pants by Alvin Valley (a personal favorite - these pants are definitely splurge-worthy). SHE's selection blends East and West Coast trends, resulting in a fun mix that encourages shoppers to be daring with their wardrobes. Some other brands SHE carries include Michon Shur, Enza Costa, and jewelry by Jessica Kagan Cushman.

The opening party stood out from the usual boutique galas too - first of all, the food was really good (yummy pico de gallo and bacon-topped things, as well as the usual sushi that's de riguer at fashion parties), and the goody bags contained well, actual goodies (thanks for the girly Honey Dew undies and cute tank!) instead of items that were only in the goody bag because well, no one would buy them. And of course, there were the previously mentioned fabulous clothes!

*No, I'm not affiliated with SHE in any way - they're just cool.

Compare prices on Alvin Valley pants here

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fashionistakay said...

I took a quick glimpse at SHE, and I like their stuff. Its colorful and hip.Thanks for the reference.

p.s.Would you mind looking at my blog? (Just to hear what you'd have to say)