Monday, June 11, 2007

Style Fusion: Streets of Chicago

Last night I (along with Carol from Second City Style) attended the Style Fusion: Streets of Chicago fashion show at the Kit Kat Club in Lakeview. Featuring the work of local designers and the ultra creative stylists at the Sin Qua Non salon, all the proceeds from this fashion show benefited the Howard Brown Health Center. It's nice when fashiony things promote good causes, and it's even nicer when said events end up being so fun.

I was very impressed by the gorgeous hair and makeup on the models, especially some of the intricately curled and braided updos. Think hairstyling as a form of artistic expression and you'll get the picture. Clothes-wise, there were some slinky little black dresses (Grecian inspired and very sexy) and some seventies inspired (they kind of reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer's look in Scarface) white satin and gold ensembles, along with a wild collage of colorful clothes worn by professional break dancers. Obviously, this was not your typical fashion show.

Laura Boton, the owner of Sin Qua Non Salon, says “I am always amazed at what the style teams put together. The stylists this year twisted and fused their innocent childhood memories with their adult avant-garde realities. I am involved with the training and career direction of my stylists on a daily basis, but for the show, I step aside and let them create." An excellent decision, if the crowd's enthuastic response to their amazing creations is any indication.

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