Wednesday, August 08, 2007

American Apparel Polo Dress

As a result of my interest (okay, obsession) with American Apparel's 15-in-1 dress, I've been paying more attention to the offerings at everyone's favorite hipster chain. Recent favorites include the "fine leisure jersey dress" (why didn't they just call it a polo dress) is actually very flattering, despite the best efforts of AA's catalog team to make the contrary seem true (really, most of their wares look horrendously unattractive on the website and in the catalog - you can't judge till you see them in person).

The material is heavy enough to have some structure, but still light enough to be breezy, the proportions are good, and it comes in lots of happy colors for only $34.00. Buy it here.

Shop for more polo dresses here


WendyB said...

I buy a lot of their I'm intrigued by the convertible dress.

superblondgirl said...

I can't stand how their models tend to look (drugged/beaten/depressed), but someday I'll suck it up and try some of their clothes, because people say great things about them.

The Fashionable Kiffen said...

@superblondgirl - their clothes actually are pretty great. I think I've become immune to their models, though, because they look so similar to the wicker park/uk village hipsters around here.