Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fashion Week Thus Far...Jason Wu, Saving the Day

I have a really hard time getting excited for spring and summer clothes (I seriously dislike the sort of humid-hot that is summer in Chicago; icy cold winters, fine - I can wear my fabulous coats and lots of plush cashmere - but heat makes me evil and bitchy), so it stands to reason that that I tend to get more amped for fall and winter clothes.

However, Jason Wu, one of my favorite young designers, has come to my rescue: look at these beautiful dresses. I love that his clothes are so wearable - they're not little wisps of chiffon that only suit waifs who don't need a bra (when are designers going to realize that lack of support is simply not an option for the significant majority of women?).

Aren't these beautiful, versatile dresses? The colorblocking and graphic patterns are fresh and assertive, and that royal blue is such a stunning (and flattering!) color.

More elegant dresses - can't you see all these on the red carpet on some of Hollywood's classier actresses? The one on the left is very sexy-secretary too.

Last but not least, some lightweight spring coats (I'm particularly fond of Jason's shrunken take on the classic beige trench) and a twirly full skirt that you just know is really fun to wear. I like the simple double strap sandals he used with most of the looks too - they don't distract viewers from his bold colors and lines.

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WendyB said...

Ahhhh! Love that blue ombre dress!

justgnatty said...

Wow, those really do look very wearable! Nice!