Thursday, September 13, 2007

Introducing StyleFeeder

If you're ultra observant, you may have noticed the new widget in the right sidebar of my blog. It's my StyleFeed, and the widget shows the items I've added to it recently. So what is StyleFeeder? Their blog describes it as "a way to find, share, and keep track of shopping stuff you find online: a giant wishlist for the entire internet." Yes, it's another social bookmarking/shopping site, but this one is really cool - and very useful.

Like, you download the app and it sits on your browser's toolbar, waiting for you to come across something you want to bookmark. Then, when you find something you covet, you click on the Stylefeeder icon and you can tag it, annotate it, and save it to your feed. Other options include sharing it with friends or your "style twins", or saving it to a group stylefeed (users can join groups related to their interests and contribute to the group feed). If there is a another StyleFeeder whose taste you share, you can follow their feeds and see what you have in common - a great way to discover new products, brands, and other cool stuff.

My verdict? One of the few "web 2.0" apps/sites that has value (for me, at least). Besides the fun of finding new things that I might not otherwise come across, I can save things that I might want to buy and/or write about, and go back and view them complete with images. I used to use for that, but it's much easier and faster to select blog-worthy items when I can actually see them without clicking on a link.

Want more? Check out their interesting blog (I love the "How nerds invaded the fashion space" part of the title, probably because I am a nerd too). You can also read my review here.

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