Sunday, September 02, 2007

A List of Fashion & Shopping 2.0 Sites

I created this list for my other blog (I tend to talk about technology topics more there), but because it concerns fashion and online shopping, I figured my readers here might be interested to:

A while ago I posted about MyShopPal, and how the internet has irrevocably changed the retail business. From the early days of Amazon and other mail order sites, online retail (or e-tail, if you must) has evolved from what was essentially web-based catalogs to interactive message boards, intelligent search engines, and bookmarking sites. Many internet retailers now include candid customer reviews and live chat options that add another dimension to shopping online.

All this is particularly interesting to me because I do a fair amount of writing about fashion, and in some ways, I’m a typical girl - I like pretty shoes and beautifully designed clothes (hey, we all have our weaknesses). Although these fashion and shopping sites may not get respect from or catch of the eye of the techie bloggers/writers, they’re pretty interesting to many people - especially once you step outside the “Techcrunch 583K” (the current number of people who subscribe to Techcrunch and related feeds and are generally much more aware than the average person when it comes to tech news and developments). Shopping online is something that virtually everyone does, at least once in a while, and besides, many of the sites are geared towards women, who tend to hold the household pursestrings.

Read more....much, much more.

*Yes, this long post is how I distracted myself from what is sure to be the upcoming shock/horror/sorrow of my alma mater's football season (I went to Notre Dame and took classes at Michigan, and that's where my two younger brothers are in school. Needless to say, yesterday was highly un-fun).

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