Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shoe Lust: Vince Camuto

Like many women, I love a spectacular pair of shoes; but I'd rather have a variety of fun pairs than a few "investment" items (My affection is fickle when it comes to footwear). During my ongoing quest for gorgeous shoes at a reasonable price, I've come across many pairs by Vince Camuto - his high-drama shoes, of-the-moment styles run around $100-150 - it's not Payless, but the quality is amazing for the price. These are the kind of heels that you can walk miles in.
Here are some of my favorites (all available from Zappos, among other sites):

Aren't these fun? The fact that none of them have spindly little heels makes them ideal for city girls (like moi) - after all, nothing is less chic than getting your stiletto caught in a grate!
These styles are all from Piperlime, and while they might not as practical as the previous pairs, they are just as gorgeous. Another positive aspect of most Vince Camuto shoes is that they usually have hidden (or not-so-hidden, in a few cases) platforms, which act as shock absorbers and cushion your feet. Who says that high heels can't be comfy?


Allie said...

I'm loving the purple ones!

IxLovexMAC said...

I love the red one!!! They're gorgeous