Friday, September 21, 2007

ShopVogue.TV is Actually Sort of Cool

Honestly, I wasn't really expecting to like In fact, I figured it would basically be one long commercial for ridiculously expensive designer things that cost more than the average used car. After all, isn't that what most editorials in the print magazine feature? (see Jezebel's breakdown of expensive shit from the September issues for proof).

However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover lots of interesting trend pieces that focused on the shapes, colors, and silhouettes over brand, and a general lack of a hard sell. Yes, there are plenty of ads and ways to shop the pages of Vogue on the site, but these are sort of off to the side and didn't interfere with my video viewing. Overall, the site kind of reminds me of the Style Channel, but without all the annoying celebrity-pandering stuff.

Here's a few videos that I liked:

Fall Eyewear Trends

Fall Shoe Trends (there are some adorable red t-straps mary janes in this one)

The whole "Behind the Lens" series is also pretty cool, especially the one where they go to the Tods shoe factory in Italy with Derek Lam.

The verdict? An interesting diversion if you're a fan of the big glossy fashion magazines and/or fashion TV like the Style Channel.

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