Thursday, September 27, 2007

Splendicity Contest for Today

Since no guessed Tuesday's celebrity correctly, we're running it again:

*Here's a hint - the celeb and the prize have something in common.

To enter today's contest:
*Guess the Celeb: Post your answer in the comments section of today's Splendicity contest post.
*All entrants who answer correctly with the full first and last name of the celebrity in the picture below, will be entered into a drawing to win!



The prize for winning today's splendid contest:

Mediterranean Eau de Parfum Spray from Elizabeth Arden.

A modern expression of sparkling radiance, Mediterranean is sexy.

With sensual florals combined with creamy woods to reflect the whispering waters and rich textures of the Mediterranean.

Thank you so much to Elizabeth Arden for sponsoring today's contest.

Please be sure to read the contest rules before entering. Only one guess per entrant for today's contest. Thank You!

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