Monday, October 22, 2007

Fashionable Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Furl, Digg, and Reddit are definitely hot right now, but their style quotient? Seriously lacking. That's where fun, fashionable sites like Sk*rt, Sugar Loving, Style Hive, and StyleFeeder come in - you can tag and save your favorite items and articles while discovering more new, interesting stuff.

Sk*rt reminds me of Digg, but the content is focused on fashion, beauty, and other topics typically covered by fashion magazines.

Sugar Loving (yes, it's yet another arm of Sugar Publishing) is also a lot like Digg, but focused on fashion, beauty, and related topics.

Lipstick is another similar site, but it's all about celebrity gossip (wait, there are people who don't just read Jezebel for that?).

Style Hive and Style Feeder are social shopping sites that let you tag and save items that you covet - perfect for keeping an internet-wide wishlist and for finding other stuff you'll like - you can see who tagged the same items and follow their hive/feed. StyleFeeder gets bonus points for their cool "Style Twins" feature - you can find people with similiar taste - the more items you add to your style feed the more accurate your twins will be. Both sites also offer fun little widgets for your blog - check out the sidebar to see mine.

Looking for a more exhaustive list? Check out this post on my other blog.

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