Friday, October 05, 2007

Simply the Best: Check Out 3Luxe

If you're reading this blog, chances are you enjoy shopping, at least a little bit. However, there are times when you just want someone to tell you "this is the best. Buy this one", especially when you're pressed for time or just not that interested in it. For instance, I like to shop around and try on tons of different pairs of shoes, but when it comes to something like digital cameras, I just want to know the best option.

That's where 3Luxe comes in. Unlike many other shopping search engines, it is focused on the best of the best (if sites like google product search and are Target, 3luxe is Barney's). Instead of delivering tons of relatively unfiltered results, it lists the top three finest products in each category, from designer denim to luxury travel to electronics.

You might be wondering how they choose their products, so here's a quote:

“At 3LUXE, we do the research for you and we limit our results to the three things that we identify as the “Best Ofs” in each category. If you’re looking for the “Best Of” digital cameras, we give you the three best options, not millions of search results. And while our reviews are certainly subjective (we have real people actually researching the products, not algorithms), they are also completely objective in that no one can buy their way onto the list.”

Yes, 3Luxe is pretty exclusive, but that's part of the appeal. And while you might not be interested in every product category listed, don't we all have our splurges? After all, you might wear basic Hanes tees but carry a Chanel bag, or have incredible high thread count sheets and a small TV. It just depends on the luxury items that you consider important.

The verdict on 3Luxe? A good starting off point for luxury shoppers of all stripes (and besides, it's probably about time someone built a shopping search engine that was all about the finer things in life, not simply getting the best deal possible).

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