Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Cyber Monday! Holiday Shopping Round-Up

First we had Black Friday, and now, thanks to the wonders of the internets, we have Cyber Monday (is it just me or does Cyber Monday win here - you don't have to get up early or battle crowds to get the deals online, after all). Anyways, many retailers have discounts and deals, and many shopping sites and blogs have created gift round-ups and other such useful advice. Here's a rundown of some of the best ones:

Second City Style has a list of some very fashionable sales, including the Second City Store (naturally).

The Consumerist has a good basic list to Cyber Monday promotions, for those of you who are shopping for non-fashion related items.

Something Stylish has a downloadable shopping guide that's sure to help you find "something stylish" for everyone on your list.

If you're trying to keep your celebrating environmentally friendly, TreeHugger has a great Holiday Gift Guide.

Of course, there is always the obvious -

The Sugar, Inc. family of blogs has lots of gift guides that probably cover most of the people on your list.

If you're preparing to splurge on something amazing (or if you just want to look at some fabulous luxury items), check out 3Luxe's holiday picks.

Shiny Style has a list of online retailers that are offering free shipping for the holidays.

Beauty blogger Temptalia has lots of excellent ideas, along with makeup tips for all those glamorous parties.

Fashion Tribes has a gift guide that features items from $1 to $1 billion - hey, why not dream big?

Style Dash also has a bunch of haute holiday guides, including a hilarious list for "celebrity trainwrecks".

Happy shopping!

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Lorraine said...

Oh, thanks for the link, Jacqueline! It's the very first guide I've written, but so far the feedback's been good :-) I'm glad I found your blog- will be checking back often. A happy Cyber Monday to you too!