Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Colors of the Fashion Rainbow: "Orange" You Glad To Wear This?

"Orange is the happiest color."
- Frank Sinatra

Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. But something about the color orange just lends itself to mirth and humor - in its saturated form, it is sunny, vibrant, and joyful. But in softer tones, it is reminiscent of autumn and somber moods. As the color of Halloween and Thanksgiving, of the Netherlands, of safety signals and terror warnings, and of revolution; orange means different things to different people.

Typically considered a difficult color to wear, orange, burnt orange, and russet shades tend to look best on people with warm undertones in their complexion. Those with cool skin tones tend fare better in more vivid oranges, corals, and tangerines that have a bit of pink mixed in. Orange makeup, however, should almost always be left to the pages of fashion magazines.

It can be a very complimentary color for blue eyes (it's opposite on the color wheel). Vincent Van Gogh once said, "There is no blue without yellow and orange".

Most people would not want to wear orange from head to toe, and for good reason - no one wants to resemble a safety or look like they are wearing a prison jumpsuit (one exception - an orange sundress or bikini works in a tropical locale). Individual pieces can be tough to wear as well - mix it with black and you'll be very Halloween. Paired with navy, brown, or soft neutrals like camel or beige, however, shows off a bold orange items to its best advantage. A deep or burnt orange can also be a good choice for a bag or shoes, especially if you wear a lot of warm colors. It is basic without being too boring - and you can bet you won't see a lot of others with the same thing!

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