Monday, January 14, 2008

Luxe or Low Cost? What Makes Up The Majority Of Your Stash?

Last week I was organizing my stash of makeup and other beauty products (the new year is a good time to get organized, after all) and I realized that my collection was split pretty evenly down the middle between drugstore brands and higher end luxury brands. Of course, I didn't plan this on purpose, but there are certain products that I always splurge on, as well as items that I won't buy anywhere but CVS or Target.

For instance, I go luxe when it comes to skincare and things like concealer, because having fabulous skin is key - you "wear" your skin every day, after all. Same goes for your hair, especially conditioner. I do use the Whole Foods brand organic shampoo, but I'm a big fan of
Redken and Frederic Fekkai conditioning treatments and styling products. Considering how often I heat style my hair (blow-dryer and hot rollers, I'm old school), I need to pamper it a little.

However, when it comes to cosmetics, especially things that are powders like eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer, I tend to go low-cost (I'd rather spend my spare cash on a fabulous pair of shoes than on a couple Chanel lipsticks or palettes, your mileage may vary). Also, my favorite mascara comes from the drugstore - Maybelline Sky High Curves. Milani eyeshadows and blushes tend to just as richly pigmented as higher end brands, and Revlon Super Lustrous glosses are the smoothest, least-sticky glosses I have ever worn - and they come in tons of colors. Sally Hansen and OPI polishes also give you lots of bang for your buck (and if you can't find the shade you want in OPI's vast selection, it probably doesn't exist).

So what do you like to splurge and save on? Any products that are definitely worth the money - or definitely not?

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