Thursday, January 17, 2008

Memo To Harvey Nicks: The Shoes Do Not Make The Woman

Despite my bordering-on-ridiculous love affair with fantastic, glamorous shoes (and the higher the heel/platform, the better), I do recognize that stilettos are not practical or comfortable for everyone. Apparently Harvey Nichols does not feel the same way. Check out their recent ad:

Clearly, an expensive pair of Louboutins = instant sex appeal. It be just me, but I have never had a (heterosexual) guy notice my shoes, except perhaps to say "wow, those are interesting". Apparently the allure of a pair of patent and velvet lace-up platform booties is lost on those with a y-chromosome.

Via copyranter.

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eye4style said...

I definitely have had tons of men compliment me on my shoes - even strangers on the street. In my experience, men seem to respond to shoes that make a statement - red patent, leopard, knee high boots of course. I'm not talking about lewd comments either; maybe this is a NYC thing?

The Fashionable Kiffen said...

Maybe it is an NYC thing - but I tend to favor the "statement" sort of shoes as well. Perhaps it is just me?