Tuesday, April 15, 2008

European Observations

A few random observations from the other side of the pond:

1. Scarves. This is probably a stereotypical thing to say, but European women are just better at scarves - tying them, layering with them, mixing and matching them in unexpected ways - than their North American counterparts. I covet their skills.

2. Fashion risk-taking abounds, especially in Spain and especially in Barcelona.

3. Crocs. Why these clodhoppers are popular anywhere is beyond me (yeah, yeah, they are comfortable, cheap, etc.), but they have invaded Europe as well.

4. There is a general lack of blingy or otherwise bold logos that I find refreshing (the one exception would be soccer oops-I-mean-futbol gear, but that is mostly at the actual matches).

5. H&M's new Marimekko collection is pretty cute, if a little flimsy.

Stay tuned for a series of posts about how to live out of a backpack without looking (too much) like a scruffy backpacker.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have seen where cros are now making a heel..Yes that is correct a high heel..Why people wear them is beyond me.
I think women in the U.S. have taken to the scarf. Look at all the morning shows, everyone is either wearing a scarf or a shawl. I say "Hurrah".
Women in Europe are more concerned with how they look. Women in America are more concern with comfort. Hence the sweatpants and the crocs.