Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Dress or Not to Dress? Next Fall, That is the Question.

From today's NY Times:

"ANYONE who pays attention to fashion may want to know that those in charge of deciding these things have pronounced doom on the dress. They, meaning mainly fashion editors and designers, claim the dress is dead. Kaput. Three years of women in dresses is enough.

“The eye is looking for something new, and so is the psyche,” Anne Slowey, the fashion news director of Elle magazine, said last week from the set of “Fashionista,” a new fashion reality show in which she will play herself, a fashion editor, only meaner. “The dress has been done to death,” Ms. Slowey added, “not to sound really cliché.”

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Does anyone else think this is just a little off-base? I, for one, tend to think that the current popularity of the dress isn't going to wane any time soon. The article discusses how that, after the summer ends, women are going to hang up their dresses and go back to pants and pieces with a masculine edge this fall.

Now - there are plenty of women who are simply not that into dresses or skirts in general, and more power (and pants) to them. That said, most dresses are so easy to wear and so comfortable that I can't imagine women giving up that kind of effortless chic any time soon. Besides, you can always throw a leather jacket or menswear-inspired blazer over your dress for that harder edge.
So what do you think? Is the dress's current reign going to be over when fall hits, or are you forever a dress girl?


Moramoon said...

For me, pants or jeans are more comfortable than a skirt or a dress, but a dress makes me feel sexier and feminine, and every Sunday I wear skirts for church... so, I really don't think dresses will be dead for fall, you can wear them with thigts or boots and be warm if that's the deal...

Gemma said...

I'll always be a dress girl. If they're forecasting it as 'over' now, we all know it'll be back in two years time, just after we've thrown out all our old ones.