Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fun With Polyvore

What did fashion bloggers do before we had Polyvore? It's such a fun tool for putting together and displaying ensembles - check out this inexpensive summery outfit I just created.

I'm really liking sunshine yellows and warm turquoise blues, probably because spring is here and those shades evoke memories of one of my favorite places in the world, southern Spain.

What hues are you craving right now?


bananzattack said...

I loooove Polyvore. It's like paper dolls for adults (although there are a fair share of kids on Polyvore). Right now I can't get enough coral. I love pairing it with gray for office casual, and with beige/linen for anytime.

Josly said...

I really don't like it. The one plus of it is that it's easier to tell what contests are going on. But I hate that the recent sets are gone and I also think it's harder to navigate. Plus, we really don't need to see all those groups.