Monday, May 19, 2008

Its Sandal Season!

In most parts of the northern hemisphere is now warm enough to wear sandals, and fortunately for shoe-coveting women everywhere, there are tons of fantastic options this season. Some of my personal favorites include strappy gladiator wedges (these can be difficult to pull off though), sky-scraping platform wedges, and anything beaded and heavily embellished (actually, ornate/elaborate shoes are always my favorites).

There are plenty of gladiator-esque shoes out right now, but I tend to prefer the wedge or high-heeled versions, partly because I am short and prefer to add some faux-height with my shoes, and partly because they are more flattering. Any shoe with straps around the ankle runs the risk of making your legs look stumpy, but flats are the worst culprit. Just say to no stumpifying shoes, please. Here are some choice selections:

Speaking of adding length to your legs and overall height, platform wedges are also big this summer, especially pairs with sculptural or highly detailed heels. Wedges made from cork are also very light and comfortable to wear - the cork is very shock-absorbent. Some of these shoes are basically small works of art you can wear, like these:

Glittery, sparkly, bejeweled, or otherwise embellished sandals are a perpetual hit. I'm loving all sorts of bold bright colors right, like orange, coral, and sunshine yellow. Try unusual combinations, like a turquoise sandal with a yellow dress or a royal purple shoe with red or blue. Also, mix your fancy sandals with more casual pieces, especially the flats - fun shoes should not be restricted to formal occasions and evenings. Here are some pairs that Cleopatra herself would approve of:

Of course, no matter which pair(s) of sandals you choose, make sure your pedicure situation is under control. I might be pointing out the obvious here (I know my fabulous readers would never leave the house unkempt!), but really, you don't need to go to the salon - home maintenance is not only fine, it is necessary.


Yoga Girl said...

I want to try on all of the shoes you've posted! My problem is that high heels are getting higher and higher. They've gone from 4-inches to 6-inches! This is murder on the feet! One product that I've used to align my bent toes is YogaToes footcare devices. The best part about them is that they relieve foot pain (Ahhhhh... ) and keep feet looking pretty! They can be ordered online. Visit

Althea said...

Wow.. Really a massive collection!! Some of those sandals are fantastic. Those need to be in my closet.