Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sephora: The Makeup Junkie's Favorite Drug, Now In Book Form

I'll admit that prior to reading the Sephora book (Sephora: The Ultimate Guide to Makeup, Skin, and Hair from the Beauty Authority) I thought it would basically be one big Sephora ad. In some ways I was correct - the book never misses an opportunity to plug something the store carries - but Sephora stocks so many different brands and products that it didn't too one-sided or advertorial. In addition, the interviews with makeup artists and beauty experts were pretty interesting, and the glossary of ingredients is the kind of thing that could definitely prove useful.

Unsurprisingly, the book is filled with the lush photography that makes glossy magazines so appealing to cosmetic junkies everywhere. In fact, beauty junkies are probably the ones who would enjoy it the most (although some of the makeup application tips are probably a little too simplistic for them). It might also be a good bet for people who are just starting to get into wearing makeup, as it has some great basic information (and most of it translates across the board, so you don't necessarily have to shop at Sephora to get something out of it). All in all, this book was better than I expected.

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