Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Denim or Not?

In my experience, you are either a denim person or not. Either you can't live without your jeans, or you can take them or leave them, if you even own a pair. I fall into the second category.

Therefore I don't quite get the whole designer denim thing, or even the need to own more than a couple pairs of jeans (I have probably six pairs, maybe three that I wear on a regular basis. All are at least one year old). Despite the fact that I own a ridiculous amount of shoes, lots of little dresses, a pile of scarves and a big tangle of jewelry, I could care less about jeans. And yes, I have the kind of job where I can generally wear jeans to work.

So therefore, denim aficionados - please explain it to me. What is the draw? Is it the feeling of wearing the perfect flattering pair of jeans? Are they just that comfortable? Am I just trying on the wrong brands? Seriously, I don't quite get it.

Your input is highly appreciated.


The Glam Slam said...

I love designer jeans, but yes, I don't think you need a million pairs. I have only a handful of pairs of jeans and they fit very well. As long as you have a couple of pairs that are well-tailored, that's all you need! Just my thoughts.

Rosa said...

I think it's the flattering cut and the fabric in designer jeans more than anything... Although my 'cheap' jeans can be comfy, they usually don't look as nice as my few 'expensive' ones. And every couple years, there's either a new sorta style (usually very subtle changes) or I just wear through my old ones. But it's the fit more than anything--I just have found that more expensive jeans have more consistant tayloring throughout their types and if I stick with a brand (or two) I don't have to try out a gazillion pairs to find one that doesn't make my legs look... well, you know.