Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fashion in the City: A Few Observations

Like most women in my general demographic, I saw the Sex and the City movie this weekend. Now, I was never a major fan of the show - I liked it well enough, but it wasn't appointment TV for me or anything. I've always thought of it as the television equivalent of junk food: unrealistic, a little fluffy and overprocessed, but sometimes it just hits the spot.

The characters' clothes, however, those I could always appreciate, and the movie did very well in that regard, at least with the four main characters. Carrie's outfits were appealingly eccentric, Charlotte was all luxe-preppy and perfectly put together, Samantha was over-the-top and deliciously inappropriate, and they even let Miranda be pretty for once!

However, the side characters were kind of weak in the sartorial arena - perhaps Pat Field blew her load on the four girls? Jennifer Hudson should have had a much more interesting wardrobe, and the guys...well, they were just backup players for the women (that does make sense in the context of the show, but that doesn't mean their wardrobe had to be so bland).

Finally, I left the movie wishing that it was wear giant feathered hats/headpieces. Although if wearing feathers was normal, I probably wouldn't think they were so awesome.

Check back later for a more detailed write-up of my opinions on the fashion in the movie.

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WendyB said...

I could have done without Jennifer Hudson, period!