Saturday, August 20, 2005

Five Easy Pieces

The other day, I was asked what I thought the five most important pieces in a women's wardrobe were. Obviously, a woman's wardrobe is affected by her age, location, job, and lifestyle. You wouldn't put a 40-year old stay at home mother in the same outfit as a 19-year old college student, would you? Although they could share some things - say, a great crisp white shirt or fitted tee. Some things are timeless. However, the 40-year old would pair the white shirt with a nice pair of khakis and a leather belt, with matching low heeled boots, while the 19-year old would rock it with a short denim mini, flip-flops, and a chunky turquoise necklace. So it is possible to list basic pieces that everyone should have in their closet.

1. The perfect pair of jeans. A medium dark blue wash, no trendy embellishments, in a shape that looks great on you. A midrise bootcut works on everyone, but if you have a shorter torso, you can go for a lower rise - it will even you out. Make sure the jeans are long enough to barely brush the floor when you are wearing heels.

2. A great black pantsuit. Even if you are casual the rest of the timel, you never know when you'll need it. You can wear to an interview or dress it up for a glam evening out, and it will make you look taller and skinnier. And who doesn't want that?

3. High-heeled pumps in a neutral color. These can go with jeans, skirts, suits, everything. They will give all your outfits that extra touch of sexiness and confidence, because nothing boosts your sex appeal like a pair of great heels. Make sure yours are comfortable, though, and you can walk in them. The hottest pair of shoes in the world look clumsy and awkward if their wearer can't work 'em.

4. Earrings in flattering color. These will bring out your eyes and brighten your face, and will add a personal touch to all your outfits. Never underestimate the importance of jewelry, it is the cherry on your banana split of a cute look.

5. A classic leather bag. It has to be big enough to carry the essentials, but not so big that it looks like a briefcase. Try to go for a neutral here, too. Either black or brown, or maybe camel or beige for spring and summer. Get a classic shape, like a top-handle doctor bag or a tote - every girl needs one simple stylish bag.

And that's it - my idea of the five pieces that every girl needs.

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glamour queen said...

Wow, the fashionable kiffen seems to know what true fashion is. It's a pleasure to peruse this blog.