Sunday, August 21, 2005

The perfect jeans

What does every girl want? Well, besides Brad Pitt on your doorstep with a dozen roses and a box from Tiffany's, everyone wants the perfect pair of jeans. You know, the jeans that make your legs look miles long, narrow your waist, and give you a nice, round, perky butt (but not too big!). However, what looks amazing on one girl makes another one look chubby or awkward. So, how do you know what's right for you?

First, know your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have a booty like Jennifer Lopez? Or do you have ridiculously long legs? These are what you want to highlight. Now, what do you want to hide? Thick thighs, short legs, a flat butt - these are pretty common weaknesses, and there are plenty of jeans available now that will minimize these flaws.

I'm not a fan of cropped or pocketless jeans. Some girls can make them work, and look good doing it, but they are difficult to wear and can look really dated. I'm also not into extreme fading or destroyed jeans, unless you actually did wear them to death yourself. I do love embellished, embroidered jeans with a simple top, though. For instance, I love these with a basic white or black tee.

Aren't those hot? You still need jeans for everyday though. Length is one of the most important considerations when chosing jeans. They should be about a half inch above the ground in heels or flats - you may need to have multiple lengths for different shoes. Next, think about the wash you want. A medium dark true blue will go with pretty much everything. Darker washes are good for trouser jeans, or when you want a dressier pair for evening. Light washes are tricky, cause they tend to make everything look bigger - great if you're slender, not so great if you have thick legs. These are a perfect neutral denim shade.

Now consider the shape of pockets you want. A too-small pocket will make your butt look larger, and too big will have the same effect. Also, the location and angle of the pockets is all-important. It is basically impossible to tell whether a pocket-style will work on you without trying it on, so you're on your own with that one. However, I tend to like hexagonal pockets to give me a nice heart-shape. Pockets angled in towards the center will accomplish the same thing. Cargo pockets are good for creating a booty from nothing, or making a flat butt look perkier and higher. Beware of fading on the butt and thighs, though - these will highlight the areas in a bad way and make 'em look massive, especially your thighs. Lots of whiskering around the crotch will also make your hips look wider, so that should be worn with caution.

An example of good pockets: These will work on pretty much every shape. The color is good too. The last thing, but possibly most crucial thing, to consider when chosing jeans is the overall shape. Bootcut, skinny, straight, flare, tapered - there is lots to choose from. I'll narrow it down for you, though. Tapered looks bad on everyone, as does anything with pleats. They are just bad. Skinny drainpipes really only work on skinny people, and straight legs are better for boyish figures - you don't necessarily need to be thin, but you do need to have small hips. Bootcut is classic, and looks nice on virtually every figure. Flares are good for balancing out wider hips, but don't go so wide that you look like a seventies throwback. When it comes to the rise, you can't go wrong with midrise (an inch or two below the belly-button). However, if you have a short torso, or just want to show off your toned abs, go lower - about a seven to nine inch rise. But keep it decent, and invest in some low-rise underwear to go along with your jeans, or wear longer tops. High-rises tend to only look good on the tall and thin, with very flat stomachs and slim hips (so almost no one except models).

So there you have it - a rough guide to finding the jeans that make you look thin and your butt look fantastic.

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