Friday, August 26, 2005

One essential piece for Fall and Winter

What makes any outfit just that much more fabulous? A fantastic coat to top it all off, of course. With so many choices available right now, however, how do you know which one is right for you?
First consider the shape and cut, and try on a couple different styles to see what best suits your figure. A sleek princess-seamed coat in a dark color that skims over the hips and hits between the knee and mid-thigh is probably the most slimming outerwear option. Peacoats are great for a casual, preppy look, especially in unexpected colors like a rich violet or emerald green. For less chilly weather, you can go for a leather or heavy tweed blazer-style jacket, or a classic blue denim topper. Trenches add some classic glamour, and swing coats are a fun look over dresses. Puffy parkas and anoraks can work if done in attractive, flattering colors; but they have to suit your lifestyle. If you are a student, go for it, but if you have to wear a suit to work, please consider something tailored in wool.

Now think about color and trim. Black, navy, beige, and charcoal are the classics, and every girl should have a coat in one of these colors. They aren't too fun, though, are they? For this fall, try a deep teal, purple, or chocolate brown. Bright red or pink are also fun and will coordinate with most everything. Patterns are great too. There are lots of great variations on tweeds and herringbone, and my favorite, animal prints. Obviously, you don't need to use real fur to get this fabulous look. If you're not ready for a full-on fur coat, try a collar and cuffs trimmed with fur. Its cute, classic, and current.

You should invest in a good coat (or coats). Your coat is something you wear almost everyday, keeps you warm, and is generally the first thing people see you in. Make sure you have cute, coordinating accessories, also. You don't want to pair a beautiful new coat with ratty gloves! Don't match your scarf, gloves, and hat too closely with your coat - for example, do teal accessories with a camel coat, or burgundy with gray. Or lime green with deep purple, if you're feeling brave. When choosing a color combination, think about what combinations are found in nature (violet with green leaves, for instance). Don't be afraid to experiment to figure out what looks best on you!

Some pictures of coats that I think are amazing:

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