Thursday, August 25, 2005

Crop pants, Capris, Pedal Pushers, and so on....

Would you want to wear something that makes your legs look shorter and thicker, and your hips look wider? Of course not. We all want to look glamourously thin with long legs. However, millions of women don these unflattering garments every day. I think that perhaps it is a fashion conspiracy - crop pants cost just as much as regular pants, but use less fabric, so they are cheaper to produce. Or maybe industry execs just like laughing at Jane Everywoman.

You may argue "but I look good in capris!" Maybe you do; it is possible to look okay if you have naturally long, thin legs. But you would look better in something else - full length pants, a knee-length skirt, or even shorts. Longer cropped pants just look like you're waiting for a flood. With so many long (37-inch inseam, anyone?) pants available even the tallest fashionistas among us have no excuse.

There are many excellent, flattering alternatives to crop pants. For instance, you can go for a flowy skirt if it is hot out or you want the boho look, an a-line if you want to slenderize your lower body, or even a mini or shorts if you've got great slim legs. Or, just get some full-length pants. I guarantee you will look 5 pounds skinnier and taller too. Here's an example of cropped jeans making a model's hips look wide and legs look stubby:
Now, here's a picture of the same model wearing full-length jeans:
Now really, which one looks better?


fashion cat said...

Okay, you've proven your point. You truly are a fashion diva!

It fits said...

Dear Kiffen,
You sound so glamorous! I love Breakfast at Tiffany's too. Please settle a bet for me. I say that as long as I can get something on, it fits. My man says that there should be at least an half inch of extra material so I can eat. I am 5'3" and weigh 174 lbs (Don't tell!) and enjoy saying I wear a size 6.
Please help asap because Saturday night we have an important fundraiser at the Old Country Buffet and I plan on wearing my stretch prom dress (size 6!). What do you think?

The Fashionable Kiffen said...

Dear "it fits",

I think your idea sounds fabulous, darling. If you enjoy looking like a overstuffed sausage, that is. :)