Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Kiffen goes to School

On October 3rd, the Kiffen will be starting school at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, majoring in Fashion Design, of course. Who better than me to design clothes for well, everyone?

Here's a couple pieces by emerging designers (soon to be me) that I like:

A pair of hot turquoise peep toes by Eugenia Kim - Saks Fifth Avenue carries her stuff, and its very bright and playful.

The bag is by BE&D - they make all manner of fabulous leather studded bags, from sleek little clutches to big carry-alls like this one.

Here's a beautiful satin blouse by Paco Rabanne, and a pair of shoes by one of my favorite new designers, Brian Atwood:

Aren't those shoes fantastic? For those of you in the market for new stilettos, I highly recommend checking him out. If, like most of us, $500 shoes aren't quite in your budget, Nine West and Guess will have their knockoffs out soon enough.

With a bit of luck, I'll be one of the "emerging designers" someday soon.

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