Saturday, September 10, 2005

What would the Kiffen do (part 2)?

Dear Fashionable Kiffen,

I like to keep my hands and feet pristine by getting regular manicures and pedicures. However, I'm never sure what colors to get - should my tips and toes match, or can they be different colors. Also, what colors are big for this fall?

- Confused about Color

Dear Confused,

There are so many fantastic polish shades out there right now, it is even difficult for the Kiffen to choose one. First of all, you can definitely have different colors on your tips and toes, as long as they don't clash. Try putting a light shimmery pink on the tips with a brighter fuschia on toes, or peach with coral on the toes, or my personal favorite, a shimmery nude on the fingers and a rich burgundy on the toes. Also, when selecting your polish, consider your skin's undertones. Whether you have warm or cool undertones, make sure your polish matches. Try a coppery red for toes and a sheer gold for tips if you are warm, or a blackberry hue on the toes with a light blush pink on the tips if you are cool-toned.

This fall's colors are rich and deep - claret, merlot, even shimmery black (although I would advise leaving this shade to the gothic chicks). If those shades are a bit much for you, there are also some beautiful metallic nudes, with either a gold or silvery cast to them. OPI's new "Chicago Collection" has some great colors for this season - "Got the Blues for Red", "Marooned on the Magnificent Mile", and "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" are dramatic reds, while "Skinny Dip'n in Lake Michigan" is the perfect neutral.

- The Fashionable Kiffen

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J said...

I suggest copious use of undertones.

That will be $500 for your consultation with the all-knowing bovine of the sacred snout.