Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wild Style

Animal prints are huge this fall, and I love 'em. Leopard, tiger, zebra, lynx, even giraffe. They can be sexy, classic, playful, or quirky - or all of the above. For example, both Jackie O. and Carmen Electra have worn leopard prints well albeit in different ways. I think they are great for pretty much any piece too, from a bit of zebra trim on a bag to a full-on leopard coat. Even if you're not really into the look, there is place for these prints in every girl's wardrobe.

If you just want a touch of pattern, try a pair of leopard print shoes, a bag, or a scarf. Or even a hair accessory like a headband or clip. For less of an impact, choose a print with similar tones, like a chocolate brown on black cheetah print as opposed to an orange and black tiger stripe. I really like the idea of shoes like these used a neutral - wear them with jeans, black pants and skirts, any shade of brown, etc. You could use an animal print bag, scarf, or even a coat as a similar neutral - you really never know what will look good until you try it on together (this goes for a lot of things in fashion, actually).

I also like animal print bags. Here are a few of my favorites:

Animal prints are great for accessories, of course, but consider a coat, shirt, skirt, dress - anything, really. For instance, this cute little coat that looks amazing thrown over jeans.

And this sleek moschino pencil skirt is a great alternative to all the miniskirts that were in stores this spring and summer.

Some designers always have animal print in their collections, and do a great with it - like Dolce and Gabbana (who line all their suits with leopard print) and Versace. Others showed animal prints as a trend for this fall, like Moschino, and Prada. Really, though if you get a great animal print piece this fall, you'll be able to wear forever.

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