Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another NY fashion week is over...

...and we've seen some amazing collections (and some not so amazing ones as well). Today was the day that Karl Lagerfield showed his much-anticipated, much hyped collection - and I am sorry to say that I found it unspectacular. A lot of elegantly cut gowns and layered knits in somber palette - the overall look reminded me of Marc Jacobs, or a very refined, European version of grunge. The dresses, especially this black and white number, were quite beautiful, but the rest of the show did not have that grace Karl is known for (not even he can get away with showing ruched leather pants and arm warmers).

Donna Karan outdid herself this season with brightly colored luxurious coats and slinky dresses that were reminiscent of Azzedine Alaia. The bright red, purple, black, and butterscotch palette was refreshing after all the blacks and neutrals of the other shows. Like the others, however, she did style many looks with black opaques - these were definitely a fall favorite in New York. Besides being beautiful on the runway, these clothes are ultra-flattering; once again, Donna knows what woman want to wear.

Vera Wang is probably the top bridal designer working right now, but her runway show didn't reflect her abilities - the dresses were unflattering and the detailing looked unfinished, and her somber palette of black, gray, and violet (with a bit of red thrown in there) was more funereal than urban. All of the egg-shaped silhouettes and puffball skirts obscured the model's figures - and if a gown makes these girls look hippy, what would it do an average woman? I would like to see one of Vera's brides wear her crimson ruffled dress, however - it would be daring and completely fabulous.

One of my favorite collections was Temperley London. Sure, the colors were really better suited to a spring collection, but everything was so feminine and wonderfully embellished - I want it all in my closet. Each dress was lovelier than the next, especially the chic little white sweaterdress and the ones with the black rose detailing.
These gowns evoked a goddess feel, yet stayed ladylike and true to the Temperley look. In fact, the only possible complaint about this show is that was too typical, or too similar to her previous collections. However, if ain't broke, don't fix it - and this season Alice added just the right amount of Parisian chic to her trademark style.

Temperley, Tuleh and Michael Kors were the Fashionable Kiffen's favorite collections of this NY fashion week - let's see what the other cities hold, and check out what the rest of the blogosphere has to say at Fashion Tribes!

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