Friday, February 17, 2006

Carnivale of Couture: If I had 10 million dollars...

It is once again time for that wonderful whirlwind of fashion fun, the Carnivale of Couture, and this time it is hosted by the fabulous Harrods Girl and Barneys Girl at I am Fashion. Their question for the fashion blogosphere :

"Surprise darling! You have just won the lottery! How will you, the super fabulous fashionable blogger, spend your US$10m winnings? Tell us all about your money-spending plan!"

Well, that is more money than even the most determined shopper can hope to spend, but I'll do my best to try; it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. First, I would invite all my stylish family members and friends to join me for a spree to end all sprees - in oh-so-chic City of Light. First stop, Balenciaga. Ever since I first laid eyes on the Spring '06 collection, I knew that it all belonged in my closet (however, I'll have to settle for high street knockoffs unless I actually do win the lottery). Who else but Nicholas Ghesquière could mix rock'n'roll, Baroque, and archival Balenciaga shapes and have it actually work (incredibly well)?

Next stop Dior, for some more wearable versions of Galliano's latest couture collection (despite the sometimes gruesome French Revolution references, I was amazed by the sheer creativity and dark beauty of this collection - echoes of Marquis de Sade combined with Marie Antoinette's bittersweet beauty made this a directional show that was gothic and romantic in the best possible sense).

After all the craziness, it will be time to return to this century and head to Italy and Armani, where we will shop for gorgeously grown-up clothes. Now, my mother can rock a pantsuit like nobody's business, and it's only fitting for her to go to the master himself for the ultimate in Italian chic. And lottery winnings must be shared - that is most of the fun!
After all that big city glossiness, it is time to rock the Casbah in the exotic bazaars of Marrakesh (this leg is especially for the Kiffen's fashionable aunt, whose style is far too original to be captured by any designer). Of course, this stylish caravan will stop any and everywhere that suits our fancy along the way (including Cartier - for the Panthère collection, and Christian Louboutin, for shoes to coordinate with all our new finery).

After we have had our frivolous fun, it will be time to start doing some serious good. First, I would set up several fashion scholarships at schools like Parsons and St. Martins, along with funds to sponser fledgling designers - after all, even Coco Chanel was a beginner once. Finally, some major dollars would go the Humane Society and various endangered species foundations (to borrow from the fabulous Manolo, the Fashionable Kiffen, she loves the animals). And that, my fashionista readers, is all - now what would you do with 10 million dollars?

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