Monday, February 20, 2006

London Fashion Week in Review

London fashion week is over, and there were some amazing looks, and some that were amazingly...bad. Known for its avant-garde shows and clever young designers, London has always been the place to go for something new and exciting. Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly from this fashion week.

The Good: Preen and Aquascutum showed some gorgeous coats and some interesting mimimal looks. Preen's origami coats and dresses were reminiscent of Helmut Lang or Jil Sander, Aquascutum continued its long tradition of creating perfect coats with black and white detailed knee-length number and what is shaping up to be the coat of the season, a chartreuse babydoll style (this shape can be difficult for non-models to wear, however). Basso and Brooke created a dramatic, mostly black collection that was feminine and eighties-inspired in the best possible way.

The Bad: Giles Deacon's highly anticipated collection had some beautifully cut dresses and coats along with some that were spectacularly bad (note to Giles: keep the cartoon characters off of your dresses), and even the good dresses were often paired with some "interesting" hats. Also, Paul Smith, a master tailor if there ever was one, did some excellent pieces but the overall styling was just too geek-chic to work.

The Ugly: Gareth Pugh's overly conceptual and dramatic collection was interesting from an artistic point of view, but it was so far from anything that could be considered wearable clothing that it's relegated to the "ugly" category.

Starting tomorrow, check out the Fashionable Kiffen for reviews of the Milan shows!

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