Wednesday, April 12, 2006

100 things about my style

Inspired by lists from bloggers like Overdressed and Kristopher Dukes, here is a list of 100 things about the Fashionable Kiffen.

1. I never leave home without earrings on. Without those, I may as well be naked.
2. Animal prints are always in style in my closet.
3. My leopard print coat is one of my most-worn pieces.
4. So are my leopard print shoes.
5. I also like bright color: violet, turquoise, fuschia, you name it.
6. However, I wear lots of black as well.
7. My favorite color is red, my fingers or toes are almost always painted in some shade of crimson.
8. My bright red Alicia Klein carry-all gets the most use of all my bags.
9. I think red can be a neutral. Turquoise, bronze, and lime green too.
10. I don't really "get" it bags. Thousands of dollars for a bag is a little crazy.
11. I do, however, understand designer shoes. Christian Louboutin, for example, is an artist.
12. I wear high heels everywhere except to the gym.
13. Despite my love for serious shoes, I dislike wedges. Partly because I can't walk in them.
14. I also seriously dislike capri pants, cropped pants, bermudas, etc. They flatter no one.
15. I think that wide-leg pants and knee-length A-line skirts flatter almost everyone, however.
16. I really like the (relatively) new high-waisted pencil skirts.
17. As well as the cinched-waist silhouette.
18. Wide, embellished belts are a current obsession of mine.
19. As well as finding the perfect nude pumps.
20. I have a tendency to go on shopping "quests" for certain items.
21. Another current quest is for a knee-length black sheath dress.
22. Many of my favorite pieces are vintage, handed down from my mother.
23. She is very stylish.
24. My brick-red leather trench and black suede pencil skirt were hers.
25. As well my perfect slouchy cognac brown leather bag.
26. She also makes me fabulous jewelry.
27. I also borrow clothes from my aunt.
28. This is her company. The cashmere is amazing.
29. I almost always carry a cashmere wrap with me, even in the summer (for cool evenings and air-conditioning).
30. My favorite wrap is a tiger print.
31. Polka dots are another favorite of mine.
32. My black and white polka-dot chiffon skirt is a spring/summer staple.
33. Fluttery, feminine skirts paired with fitted tops work well for me.
34. I also wear a lot of fitted tops with slouchy pants.
35. I'm starting to get into skinny jeans worn with floaty tops though.
36. I have never paid more than $40 for jeans.
37. Combing Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. for bargains is a hobby of mine.
38. I think I end up with a more unique wardrobe this way, too.
39. I am a master of the clearance rack; I can always find the one good piece.
40. I learned this skill from my mother.
41. H&M and Target are great too.
42. I don't like to show a lot of skin.
43. But I will wear slinky little dresses and fitted clothes in general.
44. I've had just about every hair color in the book, from white-blonde to black.
45. However, I feel the most natural as a blonde.
46. My current hair color is platinum blonde.
47. My hair is cropped very, very short.
48. It was an adjustment, but I think it is awesome.
49. So much less styling time!
50. I love makeup and have tons of it.
51. I think the natural look has its place, but it is kind of boring.
52. I usually emphasize my eyes with a bit of smokiness, even for day.
53. Mascara, like earrings, is a must if I am going to leave the house.
54. Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss is the best (even over Lipglass and Juicy Tubes).
55. I wear the same watch everyday - a sleek Calvin Klein stainless steel number.
56. I tend to like clothes that are a little costumey - flamenco inspired skirts, cheongsam dresses, Indian tunics.
57. Beading, colorful trim, and embellishments make me happy.
58. I am a magpie, I like sparkle in general.
59. I like to check out magazines from all over the world for outfit ideas.
60. Vogue Italia, Paris Vogue, and Korean Vogue are some of my favorites.
61. However, I still like American Vogue.
62. Anna Wintour has had her off moments, but I don't think she is that bad.
63. I actually respect her for still wearing fur despite the PETA pressures.
64. But I will still be first in line to see The Devil wears Prada.
65. Sometimes, I watch movies just to check out the wardrobe.
66. Even bad movies like Le Divorce or foreign films like Belle De Jour.
67. Catherine Deneueve's YSL wardrobe in the movie was awesome.
68. Memoirs of a Geisha was visually stunning as well, but I wish they hadn't changed the story for the movie.
69. In terms of TV, I think Nip/Tuck has great stylists.
70. I have never seen an episode of Desperate Housewives, The O.C., or Laguna Beach.
71. I have no problems with wearing fur or leather.
72. And as you can probably guess, I'm not a vegetarian.
73. I am a total cat lady, though.
74. Unusual or interesting tights are an important part of my fall/winter look.
75. I especially like fishnets, the finely knit kind.
76. I prefer fall and winter clothes to spring and summer.
77. I like the rich jewel tones and layering - there is more variety.
78. Coats are a weakness of mine. Since I live in Chicago, fun and warm coats are necessary to survive the winter.
79. I can't wait to wear my mother's camel wool cape with a fox fur hood next winter.
80. I really like all the dresses out for spring.
81. A simple dress is one of the easiest ways to look put together.
82. I would ALWAYS rather be overdressed than underdressed.
83. I love vintage from all eras, but particularly 20s-40s.
84. However, the 50s hourglass silhouette works well with my figure.
85. I even have a little black dress from my grandmother from the 50s that I wear.
86. My nails and toes are always done, either in deep reds or sheer nudes.
87. I think fun gloves are a great, under-utilized accessory.
88. And I would love a pair of the elbow length leather ones recently seen on many fall runways.
89. Hats are also under-utilized in my opinion.
90. I wear them often, and not just the warm winter kind.
91. In my opinion, grunge is evil.
92. Also, I consider big, dark sunglasses a very important accessory.
93. And I don't think Marc Jacobs is incredibly talented. (I do like his shoes, though).
94. Roberto Cavalli is underrated.
95. I also really like Alessandro Dell'Acqua and Giambattista Valli.
96. And of course, Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Rochas. The whole Romantic Gothic mood really appeals to me.
97. I think John Galliano is a genius. Definitely crazy, but a genius nonetheless.
98. The best fashion shows and magazines have more than a bit of fantasy to them.
99. I really this recent Galliano quote "Fashion conveys moods without words, a bit like a silent movie star."
100. In the end, however, I try not to take fashion too seriously - it is supposed to be fun!



12. I wear high heels everywhere except to the gym.

Why don't we wear heels to the gym? We should fix this.



Ooh la love.

What a list.

But this -

12. I wear high heels everywhere except to the gym.

- We both need to work on this.


chi-an said...

wow! not many can sort out that.

chloeinLA said...

Great list! Hey, you should check out It seems like something you'd like. There's videos from Fashion Week in LA this year....really cool :)

I love your site!