Thursday, April 13, 2006

Carnivale of Couture - Fashion Faux Pas

"What is your fashion confession, either a long ago faux pas, or today’s guilty pleasure?"

Even the most fabulous among us have made mistakes once in a while, and that is the theme of this Carnivale, hosted by the very fashionable Ella at Kiss me Stace.

My own faux pas happened about 2 years ago. I decided that it would be a good idea to dye my then light brown tresses an inky black. This was bad for multiple reasons. First of all, even in the summer, I was/still am ghostly pale. Casper's got nothing on me. Second, black hair dye sticks around like nothing else, so it took several rounds of correction to make my hair into an acceptable chocolate brown. This turned my previously silky hair into straw.

I have learned from my mistake, though. I thought the black hair would be interesting and kind of exotic, like those Irish girls with deep dark hair, light blue eyes, and porcelain skin.

I was very, very wrong. However, I did realize that dyeing one's hair out of boredom is an incredibly bad idea, and to leave major color changes to the professionals.

Check out the rest of the Carnivale here, and stay tuned for next week's hosted right here at the Fashionable Kiffen!

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