Monday, April 17, 2006

The Carnivale of Trends

A few days ago, I asked the fashion blogosphere this question:

"What item/style/look do you wish would become a trend? Or what trend from the past would you like to resurrect?"

Here are their answers:

Tammy from the Jewelry Weblog wishes macrame jewelry would come back - and with all the crafty touches that are popular, she may get her wish!

There is another fashion blogger who's hoping for the return of the hat at Designer Report, and she points out that hats are not only stylish, but they also protect your skin from the sun.

The Space Between My Peers is hoping that legwarmers, which were so essential for 80s style, come back - because they are so practical for keeping your legs warm and dry during your commute.

Scarpediem at ShoeSense would like to see "a revival of the art of dressing the man" (and I am in complete agreement with her) and she would also like to see the fashion change its views on beauty, and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.

The fabulous La Retrosessuale at Shangri-law wants to see a return of glamour to the workplace in the form of 30s and 40s vintage suits. As a fellow vintage fan, I have to say that I am in awe of her collection.

On a similar note, The Bag Snob hopes for a return of the 50s looks, and the glamorous, put-together chic of Grace Kelly.

The Clothesaholic wishes for the return of the "sharp dressed man" in stylish evening clothes. Every man does look fabulous in a tuxedo!

For those of you who missed this round, I'll do another one on Friday (April 21st) - comment on this post or send your links!

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