Sunday, April 23, 2006

Clean Laundry: Carnivale of Couture

Danielle at Final Fashion is hosting this week's Carnivale, and her question for the fashion blogosphere is:

"Clean laundry. I love it, everyone loves it. It means you get to put on your favourite outfit, your fave jeans all fresh and clean, your best socks. It's twice as sweet because you were probably wearing the last clean thing you own, which is never exactly your best thing, for some reason. Or for people like me, maybe socks with a hole. I know the Manolo would never keep a sock with a hole! For me it's incentive to do laundry.

So this week I want to invite anyone who wants to join to describe that favourite outfit that you always like to wear still warm from the dryer. Bonus points if you've got pictures! What does your outfit say about you?"

One of my favorite things to wear is a crisp white button shirt, and I have a few great ones. They go with everything from jeans to a glamorous satin evening skirt, and they're a perfect blank slate for great accessories. Unfortunately, they also get dirty and wrinkled very easily, so I don't wear them as often as I'd like (I hate to do laundry). But Carolina Herrera has it right - a tailored white shirt works for any occasion.

My white and cream colored wide leg pants are also high in my closet line-up. Like the white shirts, they are difficult to keep clean, but they look so fabulous that the effort is worth it. Worn with a waist cinching belt, these pants are elegant and very flattering.

Getting the theme here? Some of my favorite pieces are a little high maintenance, but that's the price you sometimes have to pay for fashion. Really, don't you feel so classic and fabulous in a freshly ironed white shirt?

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