Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fur Fashion Week 2006

Coutorture is doing an excellent job covering Fur Fashion Week 2006 - not only is Julie covering the actual shows, they are bringing us the story behind the story along with a fair and balanced discussion of the ethics of fur.

To fur or not to fur? That is the question for many stylish girls every winter, especially those of who live in cold climates. If you ask most fashion designers, fur is a necessary cold weather accessory, whether it is real or faux. Real fur does tend to rule the runways, however, because it is so warm and luxurious. Also, fashion royalty like Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfield are rarely seen without plush furs in the winter. On the other hand, animal rights groups like PETA draw attention to the cruelty of fur - is it really ethical and humane to wear it?

I'll just come right out and say it - I have no problem with others wearing fur, or designers working with fur, because I wear it myself. I wear fur (mostly vintage for now), leather, python, etc. Like my fellow fashion writer Kristopher Dukes, I think fur is fabulous despite all the negatives, and I have no plans to stop wearing it.

Of course, I do think the fur industry should be regulated and the animals treated humanely, but until faux furs become as plush and warm as the real thing, the fur industry isn't going anywhere.

Check out Coutorture's coverage here!



Ooh la love. Yay for fur. I didn't think it was possible

But I love you even more.

Have you seen this site?

Totally want to be their poster girl. I think we should do a calendar with them. Chinchilla bikinis.

Gidget Bananas said...

Right now, if the choice is between a non-biodegradable garment made out of petroleum-based chemicals and one made out of a natural renewable resource (ranched fur, not trapped) that with good care can last 20, I think the latter is the better choice. With global warming and blood for oil, I'm not sure the PETA people have the moral high ground any more.