Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2006

Resort collections are becoming increasingly important as the fashion cycle speeds up - we the consumers want more new stuff and we want it more often. Although there were many fabulous resort collections shown last week, Oscar de la Renta's stood out - first of all, it's perfect for an actual resort as well as city streets. Second, his combination of elegant neutrals with a few punches of bright color (on perfect little summery dresses, no less) manages to be classic without being boring. Third, this collection has exquisite pieces for both the ladies who lunch - Oscar's core clientele - and their daughters. Check it out:
Those flowing pants, those waist-cinching belts, and those hats! Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I think hats are fantastic and more people should wear them. Not just warm winter wool hats, either, but all sorts of seasonally appropriate hats - they are another fun accessory to play with. Oscar's floppy straw hats would be ultra glamorous on the beach this summer, and that black one is just shredded enough to look stylishly urban.

Now for Oscar's forte, the dresses. These are incredibly flattering with feminine prints and cinched waists (note: you can add a wide belt over your old sundresses to get this look if de la Renta is not quite in your budget this season). The polka-dot coatdress is particularly great, and it would work well into fall over skinny dark rinse jeans and red patent mary janes.

His evening gowns were exquisite as well, especially this one with the little cropped jacket - this silhouette is very versatile and makes your waist appear tiny - what's not to like? And this white safari jacket is the epitome of modern classic - it would work well in almost anyone' s wardrobe. Worn with jeans and flat boots, it's youthful and a little bohemian, or styled like this, with baggy and a chunky necklace, it's pure casual elegance.

Oscar's accessories were pretty much on the mark, with the exception of the printed dresses with matching bags. Although both the dresses and the beachy bags were excellent on their own, the combination is too matchy. However, the strappy sandals, chunky necklaces, and the dramatic sunglasses were all fabulous. Great shades are particularly important for a resort collection - no self-respecting girl can go on vacation without them!

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Shopaholic D said...

I am loving the belt-over-dress look! I just bought 2 wide ones by bebe in white and red! can't wait to wear them!