Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Galliano is insane

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of John Galliano, despite his craziness (or maybe because of it). I thought his Marie Antoinette meets the Marquis de Sade s/s couture collection was amazing, and I admire his ability to push the fantasy fashion envelope and still create beautiful clothes.

But his latest show just didn't do it for me. The incredible construction and intricate details were there, but it lacked the coherence and vision necessary to make it as fabulous as collections past. There were too many themes going on - Russian dolls, medieval armor, geisha makeup, and even a little bit of Erte and Carmen Miranda. All this combined made for a mishmash of a presentation that did have many beautiful parts, as well as plenty of of weird ones, but weirdness is par for the course when you're Galliano.

Enough with the analysis, here are the clothes:

Since it is couture and therefore made to measure, most of these will probably be modified for the clients. After all, I can't really picture the big shoulder plates working too well for real life, but I do think a toned down version of the red coat would be gorgeous.

I really like the proportions and draping of the gold top, and I can see both of those dresses on the red carpet. The hat on the center picture is interesting to me as well, it reminds me of the last Alexander McQueen collection - but like everything else in the Dior universe, this is the technicolor version.

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Kim said...

I totally agree. I think if you're going to make your collection weird then atleast make it beautiful. John Galliano is nuts.